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How to Make Earthquake Insurance in San Francisco Cheaper
May 18, 2021 at 11:00 PM
How to Make Earthquake Insurance in San Francisco Cheaper

The 1989 San Francisco earthquake and the $5 billion worth of damages it caused, not to mention the lives lost and devastated, are known to all residents of our city. Sadly, it’s not as known that, here, earthquakes are very much still a hovering risk. That’s especially true for those located along the city’s many faultlines.

With earthquake insurance in San Francisco, if the worst should happen, you’ll have support with rebuilding.

We are pleased to say that the tips we share today will certainly lower your earthquake insurance premiums.

Although we lead with that because it’s where our expertise lies at Gleetopia Insurance, we are delighted too that these tips have great potential to be lifesaving.

Earthquake-proof your home’s structure

An earthquake-proofed home signals to carriers that, if you claim, the amount is likely to be reduced by the property’s ability to withstand damage.

While there may be expenses involved, you recoup them in the long run with lower rates. In any case, these upgrades do an enormous amount to keep you and your family safe.

And the peace of mind you get is also something you may appreciate.

These two are the most effective methods of reinforcing your home against earthquakes:

Foundation bolting

Foundation bolting ensures that your steel plate, found at the bottom of the walls, is fasted to your foundation correctly.

To check if this is something you need, check the bottom of your walls for sill anchor plates, which are typically between four and six feet in length. They wrap all around the sill.

If you’ve found them, that’s great. You have effective protection. If not, getting your foundation bolted is essential, especially in this part of the country.

Fix cripple walls

The other significant structural hazard is cripple walls. These are the short stud walls surrounding the space that separates the first story of the home and the basement. The majority of California homes don’t have basements but do make sure to check.

In an earthquake, cripple walls deal the double blow of denying your home elasticity and weakening its base. For old homes and newer ones to a lesser extent, this increases the chances of a compromised wall collapsing entirely.

Tremor-proof the interior

Your efforts for the interior of your home won’t have as large an impact on your insurance rates, but they will chip away at it. Ironically, though, they are going to be the most beneficial for your safety.

That’s because most casualties in earthquakes result from injuries inflicted by heavy objects getting knocked loose and falling.


  • Fastening large furniture items to the floor. Flexible earthquake straps are a recommend material to use
  • Installing protective plastic window film on the inside
  • Adding lip edges to shelves above waist height
  • Where possible, moving cabinetry and shelving closer to the ground

Bundle earthquake insurance in San Francisco with flood insurance

Residents of Ocean Beach and surrounding areas may want to pay particular attention to this.

After the quaking itself, the most destructive part about experiencing an earthquake can be the flash floods that follow. If you recall, that was the case with the infamous 1906 and the 1989 incidents, and residents of the just-mentioned areas were most affected.

To save money on both earthquake and flood insurance, get them together. We facilitate insurance bundling for significantly reduced rates across all our services, so make sure you reach out if you’re not clear about this.

Gleetopia Insurance gives you peace of mind — and the resources to rebuild if…

If the worst does strike again, as it has multiple times in our city, your policy means having food, shelter, and the finances to restore your home. Following the tips above results in you paying much less for that assurance.

Combine that with a relationship with Gleetopia Insurnace and you receive some of the lowest rates in California and the widest coverage.

Along with San Francisco, our insurance agents serve Redwood City.

Contact us now for tailored insurance products that get you back on your feet, whatever happens.